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Bizempire sideline plan

What is this sideline plan?

We have now determined who is likely to benefit from the Bizempire Sideline plan, but what exactly is this plan? Unfortunately you’ll have to follow this series of emails to get a better picture as the plan is both quite comprehensive and continually evolving. The best summary we can come up with is something like:

“It is a small business system that allows one to start and run certain small businesses by predominantly using the internet which allows costs and therefore financial risk to be kept to a minimum”.

What types of businesses are suitable?

We already know who is not suitable, now its time to determine what types of businesses are suitable for the Bizempire sideline plan. From here on, whenever we say “product” we mean product or service, whichever is suitable for you situation.

The best types of business products for this system are:

  • Those that can sell a non physical product over the internet such as ebooks, information or software.
  • Those that sell physical products that fall into reasonably niche (specialised small groups) markets so that profit margins are good, but shipping should not be a high cost factor.
  • Services that can be provided remotely. That means that a physical presence at the client is not necessary.
  • Other miscellaneous internet products which provide some sort of experience or service on the internet.

Types of businesses and products less suited to the sideline plan are:

  • Physical products of very high value and complicated shipping requirements, eg: large machines.
  • Services that require your presence on site with the client.
  • Services requiring large number of low value labourers who need to be managed.

Now it is important to note here, that just because some business models are less suited to our sideline plan, it does not mean that you will gain no value from continuing with this series of emails. On the contrary, we expect that you will pick up many ideas that can add value to your business, even if you choose not to follow the full model. You may also be able to adapt your business structure to partially fit the sideline plan and derive much benefit.

You should now have a clear picture in your mind as to what type of person / situation and what type of business / product we are going to be focusing on. Now we can begin the process in our next email.

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