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Sideline plan idea

Quick summary of where we are now.

So far we have established who and what is more likely to have success with the Bizempire sideline plan. Now is a good time to outline some of our goals:

  • To establish a business with minimum financial cost and risk.
  • To automate this business so that it requires as little manual intervention as possible.
  • To grow the profitable businesses into thriving business empires.
  • To replicate this process.

Keep in mind the following factors of the plan that you should take into consideration:

  • This process will generally start slow so don’t expect immediate gratification.
  • This system is intended as a part time setup, but you can dedicate as much time as you want towards it.
  • We will always look at the lowest cost route, but will give you options that come at a cost, which will either speed up the process or simplify your role in the business process.

We are assuming that because you signed up for this newsletter and that because you have read this far, you are interested in having your own small business. So we’re going to skip all the mumbo jumbo on the skills and traits of entrepreneurs. We feel they are unimportant. Simply give running a small business a try. If it works, great, if not try again or move on. Similarly we are not too worried about the reasons for you wanting to do this, we just want as many people as possible to give it a try.

With those two more traditional steps out of the way we can now look straight into finding a business idea.

Finding a business idea to use in the Bizempire sideline plan.

This section may be a bit boring if you already have a business, a product or even the idea for the business, but its worth your while reading on as you’ll gain some insight into ways of finding other products as well as ways of tweaking your existing product to make it more suitable for our small business plan. So for now, lets assume you have no idea what to sell.

Low cost products for your business.

The best category of products to sell with our system are those that are not physical products nor a service that requires your time in order to provide each sale. Common products in this group are computer software and information in the form of ebooks as an example. This is because once designed, each subsequent item has virtually no extra cost to provide it. In other words there is very little difference in your costs to selling 1 item or 100 items.

Now if you have some type of software or the ability to create software, then great, go ahead. However most of us will not be programmers, so for now, lets focus on the information products. We are going to use the term “ebook” here quite loosely. Basically we mean anything or anyway that allows you to give information to your customer after he has paid for the right to receive this information. It includes, but is not limited to: Word documents, PDF files, physical books / folders / booklets / files, special format secure ebooks, audio podcasts, cd’s, dvd’s, video clips, whatever.

There are tens of millions of internet surfers out there looking for information. That is the main essence of the internet. They are not looking for things to buy, they want to learn about or how to do something. You know something, in fact you probably know many things that others don’t. Some mundane examples to hopefully convince you that you have this knowledge are:

  • You may know how to cook interesting dishes.
  • You may know some interesting activities to keep children entertained.
  • You may know how to do DIY jobs around the house.
  • You may have a hobby that you’re good at.
  • You may know how to fix certain appliances or machines
  • You may have a skill or a trade which you are able to teach others.
  • You may have spent a lot of time somewhere and have advice for others who need to go there.

This list could go on indefinitely. Look at topics that interest you even if you’re not an expert yet. By simply trawling the internet you can find plenty of information on your topic. Customise and collate this information into a useful format for someone.

What do you spend a lot of your time doing? There may be something in that experience that you could share with others.

What are people always asking about? Examples may be: What to do in the event of an accident; Where to go on holiday; What gifts to buy parents; How to keep neighbours quieter; How to open a bank account. Perhaps you could write up some simple guides on how to do these types of things.

You should be able to come up with at least a dozen subjects that you know or want to know about. Next we’ll look at how to choose the more suitable ones from this list.

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