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So what is this business adventure we’re about to embark on called?

We need a name for our little business project and so we’ve decided to call it the Bizempire Sideline Plan.

This plan is hopefully going to take someone, possibly you, from having no business to having a couple of businesses that all provide you with streams of income.

Along the way we are going to do our best to keep financial risks to a minimum as well as trying to keep time demands flexible enough so that we can enjoy quality of life with friends and family.

And this is why we have chosen the name. Our idea is to have this business run in the background or on the sideline of your main life. We expect you to carry on with your normal job, well for now anyway, and we don’t expect you to have to sacrifice your family or social life.

We make no promises. We certainly don’t promise a quick buck, in fact we fully intend to make this a gradual process. Instead enjoy the journey of learning with us and pick and choose the ideas that suit you the best.

Who is this sideline plan for?

  • Have you ever wanted to start your own business but been too scared to take the plunge and resign from your comfortable, reliable and consistent salary job?  Well here’s your chance. Don’t resign yet, start small and on the side, in your spare time. Test your business out on a small scale, slowly build it and once it is profitable enough to support you, then take it up full time.
  • Have you ever had a business idea but never been sure if it would work in the real world? Scale your idea down and run it as a Bizempire sideline business. Tweak any problems and then launch it properly once you’ve determined it is worth it.
  • Have you ever wanted to have several streams of income rather than having to rely on your salary or single existing business to support you? With the Bizempire sideline plan you can prevent having all your eggs in one basket. The plan can be copied and repeated as your time and enthusiasm allow.
  • Have you ever felt that your existing small business is stagnating? The Bizempire sideline plan may even generate new ideas, marketing and revenue streams for your existing business.

Who is the sideline plan NOT for?

We don’t want to waste your time following this adventure if you’re unlikely see a solution for yourself in it. So below we list a few scenarios where we believe the sideline plan is not suited. You may still find a gold mine of ideas and it may be worth your while to follow this journey anyway, but we don’t want to raise any unrealistic expectations.

  • If your business idea requires large amounts of capital (money) to get setup, then you will most likely have to follow the more traditional routes for finance at banks or venture capitalists. We still feel you should try and test your idea with the sideline plan by whittling your setup costs down, but this is not always possible.
  • If you’re hoping to get rich quick, then this is probably not for you. If you have a great idea and product, and you market it well, you may get rich quick, but we would guess this would be an unusual case. We’re going to rather focus on gradual low cost growth in the beginning.

So by now you should have a good idea who our sideline suits and who it doesn’t. We’ll continue our journey soon...

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