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IT - remote access

On this page we focus on how computers, software programs and technical gadgets can be used to make your life as a business owner that  little bit easier and more productive.

Accessing your work computer from home

Small business owners very seldom only work during office hours. Frequently you’ll work from home in the evenings or on weekends. Although laptops now provide the element of portability, it is still common for most of the company information to reside on a computer or server at the business premises. How often have you not transferred an important document to your laptop or home computer and instead left it at work and are now unable to complete your project? Would it not be helpful to be able to monitor the sales, stock levels or other critical factor of your company’s performance when you are out of town or at home? Would you not like to have access to information on your business computer that is not necessarily on your home computer or laptop?

LogMeIn have a product that allows you to log in to your business computer from your home or remote computer via the internet. Yes we are aware that Windows XP has a similar function, but you’ll note that you have to have XP Pro installed in your business which not everyone has.

LogMeIn allows a secure connection and once you have logged on you can operate your business computer from home as though it was right there in front of you. You will need to have both computers on and an internet connection for both, but with ADSL or any of the 3G type products, this should be easy.

To begin with you will need to register with them and install software on both the home and business computer, but the process is simple and hassle free. Speaking of free, this product gets even better - there is no charge unless you feel the need to upgrade to some of their fancier products.

Enjoy and we hope this helps you out.

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