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On this page we focus on how computers, software programs and technical gadgets can be used to make your life as a business owner that  little bit easier and more productive.

Using Skype to reduce your telephone bills

Skype is software that can be freely downloaded at which allows you to use your computer and internet connection to make telephone calls. Calls between skype users are free, although it is necessary to have an internet connection which of course will have to be paid for. However with many businesses installing ADSL, there is no additional cost.

A reality is South Africa is that many friends and family are spread throughout the world looking for greener pastures. Skype gives you a cost effective means of speaking to these people on a regular basis. If you need to speak with any suppliers or customers on a regular basis, and they can be convinced to also download the free skype software, then those calls will essentially be free from now on.

Many business rely on supplier-customer relationships and often email can be quite impersonal and can form a barrier against developing these relationships. With skype you are now able to speak directly which is a far more personal method of communication and helps develop a bond. All this at the same cost of email - nothing.

With the introduction of 3G cards, you are now also able to use this service on a laptop or pocket PC which gives you mobility too.

Skype also claim that you can make cheaper skype to landline or cell phone calls. That however is for each individual to decide depending on the number of calls that they make.

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