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Meeting place

Find partners to join you and get your small business idea off the ground and flying.

Are you looking for investors, online marketers, sales persons, administrative services or any other type of business partner that can help get your business started?

Here you can find a closed community of people interested in developing and partnering with small businesses, mainly in South Africa, but International ventures are not excluded.

How it works - for the entrepreneur.

How it works - for investors and business service providers.

Explaining the various categories of services required or offered.


Entrepreneurs and business owners.

Submit your business idea to the Bizempire Meeting Place. Feel free to include just enough information to entice potential partners such as investors or marketers, but there is no requirement to reveal any trade secrets.

Existing businesses are welcome to present expansion proposals as well.

The various business idea submissions are collected into groups and then presented to our community of small business experts, investors, marketers and the like. The plans are only presented to the relevant groups which are interested in the specific requirements requested in your submission. For example, if you are looking for an investor we will not present your proposal to the marketing group. Once they have had a chance to view your idea and if they are interested, they will contact you directly and you can discuss the business in more detail with them.

Hopefully after these discussion you will have a new investor, a new marketing partner or someone that will be helping your business in some way or the other.

This is a free service at the moment provided by Bizempire. The fact that its a closed community means that we can limit how many people get to view your proposal and so not just anyone in the public can view it. That said, we cannot guarantee total confidentiality as most members are independent of us and we have no control over their actions. So be sensible in what information you provide.

Before submitting your proposal you may want to consider the following bits of advice.


You receive an opportunity to get help with starting your business with no obligation and no costs from Bizempire.

To submit your proposal go here.


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